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3 Tips for wet weather weddings

Wet weather weddings

So I thought with the amount of rain that we have been getting recently it was worth doing a blog post on wet weather weddings…

Lets face it, no one really wishes for rain on their wedding day, it’s usually a bride’s worst nightmare, but we do live in the UK and the weather can be pretty unpredictable at times. It could be mid summer and it could pour it down with rain! I had plenty of wet weather weddings in 2016 and most of them were in the summer months when we’d least expect it. One minute there was sunshine and then all of a sudden we’d have rain.

Below are some pointers to help you keep calm if it does happen to rain on your wedding day…

  • For every wedding I photograph, I always carry 2 big white umbrellas so that if it does happen to rain on your big day, you can keep dry and still go outside for some beautiful photos to make the most of  the grounds of your venue (if you’re up for it!) I will also find shelter for some more lovely shots.
  • Family photos will become a bit more of a squeeze as we will need to get everyone into a smaller space. This is not a problem and I’m sure I’ll be able to find a perfect spot to take care of the group shots, but it does mean everyone will need to squeeze in a little tighter and some people might need to get down on one knee.
  • One nice thing about winter weddings and rainy weddings is that it kind of brings everyone together a bit more as everyone generally heads inside when the weather turns bad so it will make things a bit more intimate, get people chatting and allow your guests to admire all the beautiful decor and the little details that you spent so much time planning out and perfecting will not go unnoticed. Also, people are more likely to see and sign your guest book as they will be inside.

3 tips to help you prepare

  1. Check with your venue what their wet weather contingency plan is and if they do anything different if it rains. Some questions to ask include – Will you arrive through a different entrance? Where will the drinks reception take place?Does the venue allow confetti to be thrown inside? Will the venue supply umbrellas?
  2. It’s always good to have a back up pair of shoes and this applies even when it’s not raining, simply because if you’re wearing heels all day your feet will begin to hurt so bring along a pair of cheap flats to give your feet a rest and for those moments where you might have to walk across soggy grass and don’t want to ruin your pretty heels. Wellies are perfectly fine too and can make for some more ‘quirky’ style shots.
  3. Allow plenty of time for photos. A lot of venues recommend an hour and a half between the ceremony and the end of the drinks reception/beginning of the wedding breakfast, without considering the time it takes for all the photos. This is particularly important if you are having your ceremony at a different location to the reception venue as you will need to allow additional time to travel between venues. Consider the drinks reception time as one of the most important times for photos, because during this time, you will usually have a confetti shot, group shots, venue decor and detail shots of the wedding breakfast room all set up, candid shots of you and your guests chatting plus beautiful photos of you as a couple and from experience an hour and a half just isn’t enough time do all this, and of course more than anything, I want you guys to enjoy yourselves and have the time to soak it all up as I will tell now, the day will go so quickly!


Check out my wet weather wedding photos from 2016 below and just look how happy the couples still are! Remember, you have no control over the weather and what it will do on the day but being prepared will help and whatever happens, I promise that you will still have an amazing day and end up with beautiful photos!

Ben & Charlotte's wedding sneak peek at The Royal Marines Museum

Wet weather weddingsWet weather weddings

Wet weather weddings

More wedding tips coming to the blog soon!