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Wedding Maker UK

Wedding Maker UK was set up in 2020 by Denise & Tony Welch from D&T Video Services to serve as a way of helping with wedding planning and during a time where the world stood still and venue visits and supplier meetings were forbidden due to Covid-19, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Wedding Maker UK continues to serve the wedding industry by showcasing trusted suppliers to engaged couples that are planning their wedding and looking for professionals to cover every aspect of their special day.

Below, Tony discusses what it is that Wedding Maker does and answers some common questions that they get asked.

Wedding Maker UK at work
A iPhone pic I snapped of Tony from Wedding Maker UK at work during a venue showcase for Southend Barns

I think that the whole concept of Wedding Maker UK that we try to get across, is that it provides a platform for couples to view suppliers who are tried and trusted in the wedding industry. We are very different to any other marketing forum, in that we choose suppliers based on their experience and professionalism, who we then choose to be a member. There is no fee, as we believe that an approved supplier should be based on the skill of the supplier, and not just anyone who is willing to pay a fee to join a directory etc.
Our motivation for creating Wedding Maker was due to our own experience with weddings. Being videographers, we are with our couples from very early on, and then we have the benefit of speaking with them after their wedding day. This has allowed us to find out what they loved about their day, and also what went not so well. Over the years, this has given us a great deal of knowledge and experience to allow us to help couples plan their wedding day, and the choice of suppliers is massively important.
It is true that the use of social media has allowed anyone to present themselves as a professional business, when in reality, they have little experience. This only becomes evident to the couple on the day, and by then, it is too late. Wedding Maker suppliers know what they are doing, so couples can choose with confidence.
There is no “Checkatrade” style directory in the wedding industry, and we hope to offer couples the  opportunity to build a team of suppliers that will make their day perfect.

Wedding Maker Uk - Tony at work
A iPhone pic I snapped of Tony from Wedding Maker UK at work during a venue showcase for Southend Barns

In relation to Wedding Maker UK Q&A’s, I think the most common ones we get asked are as follows:

Q. How much does it cost a supplier to join?
A. There is no fee, it is up to the supplier to provide details of their experience in the wedding industry. They need a good track record and reviews, and also confirm they hold the required insurance and qualifications to carry out their role. They will then feature on the Wedding Maker UK website, and we will help promote their business through our own social media platforms.

Q. What areas do you cover?
A. At the moment, we are developing the area around Hampshire and neighbouring counties, but we look to expand over time.

Q. How do we join as a supplier?
A. You just need to contact us and tell us what you do as a business and we will then ask for the information to show you meet the criteria to become an Approved Supplier.

Q. What benefit is this to couples?
A. The peace of mind to know that the suppliers we promote are bona fide businesses who will deliver a first class service.

Q. Can couples ask for help in planning their wedding?
A. We are more than happy to offer advice, and also look for suppliers who do not currently feature on Wedding Maker. We can also recommend wedding planners who will help plan your day in more detail if needed.

Q. What else do we do at Wedding Maker UK.
A. We offer our own filming and production services to suppliers and venues, providing a competitive option for promotional films and interviews bespoke to their business if they require it.

How to find Wedding Maker UK

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Below, you can watch my interview with Wedding Maker at Southend Barns last year. Before watching, please be aware that I get VERY nervous being filmed or interviewed and I feel a bit embarrassed about the way I come across in this video as I’m generally a confident and easy going person, but when put in front of a video camera I tend to be awkward and ‘lock up’. I repeat myself with the word “Absolutely” countless times in this video lol!