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Until we meet again – Poem

I wouldn’t normally do this but I’m feeling upset as my lovely nan sadly passed away this morning and I wanted my creativity to flow so I have written a poem in her memory that I wanted to share. 
I have named the poem – Until we meet again. I hope you like it…

Until we meet again

You used to always write poems,
So now I’m writing one for you,
I’m sad that you’re no longer here, 
And moved on to pastures new,
I hope that you’ll remember me,
& all the things we used to do,
Painting, poems, walks along the beach,
And looking through your scrapbook too,
Nanny you were a beautiful person,
Inside and out,
I used to aspire to be like you,
And what you were all about,
You used to make me laugh,
As you would always be so blunt,
Saying exactly what you thought,
Wearing your emotions on the front,
When you were young you were an orphan,
No one to look up to,
But this didn’t stop you becoming a mum, 
& having 3 daughters To look up to you,
In your twenties you were a model,
This is not hard to believe,
You were a stunning young lady with a fabulous figure,
Which is something we all wish to achieve.
As you grew older you grew wiser,
But also got smaller in height,
You always said you were 5ft 5,
Even though you definitely weren’t quite,
You were really happy in your little flat,
You didn’t want to leave,
I’m really glad I saw you near the end,
But it was the hardest thing I’ve seen,
I prayed that you’d get better,
As I sat and held your hand,
You still had a smile & a giggle,
As you lay there my poor nan,
You lived a long and fulfilled life
Almost reaching the age of 97
But the Angels decided it wasn’t to be,
And now they’ve taken you to Heaven,
I’ve cried many tears for you,
But then I remember the good times we had,
It’s really hard with you not around,
This makes us all so sad,
As an adult I wish I’d seen you more
This is something I’ll always regret 
Your memory will always remain with me,
And the good times I’ll never forget,
I’m glad that you’re no longer in pain,
But now we need to grieve,
We’re all so upset that you couldn’t live on,
Instead you had to leave,
I love you & I’ll miss you,
I guess these are my last words to you then,
Goodbye my lovely nanny,
Until we meet again.
Me Aisha and Nan