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The power of print – 8 reasons to print your photos

The power of print is incredible!…In this blog post I am going to highlight how print is so powerful and hopefully convince you why it’s so important to have your photos printed whether that is through me or you get them printed yourself (although I would highly recommend using a professional lab to ensure quality and correct colours and contrast in print)

My signature 30 page cotton album which is available as part of The Divine package or separately for just £350 and comes with a choice of cover colours.

So why is it so important to have your photos printed?

  • Print a tangible product that future generations can touch and see frozen moments in time.
  • Print ties people to places, experiences and emotions.
  • Your most important  photographs deserve a proper home, to be preserved in print and not left on hard drives.
  • People can connect as they share their story together through a printed album.
  • With a clean and elegant design, albums are beautiful, timeless products to treasure your precious photos inside
  • Hard drives can fail and digital photos can be lost forever if deleted by accident or not backed up.
  • Print can make the walls and shelves of your home more homely and by proudly displaying your favourite photographs in and around the house, it becomes a talking point for guests that come into your home.
  • There’s nothing quite like the feel of a quality printed photo.
My luxury 30 page leather album with personalised text engraving is available as part of The Opulent package or separately for £500.

In all honesty, although I have prints around my house, loose photographs and beautiful albums, I still feel that I personally don’t print enough as I still have so many important photographic memories left on my phone or computer that need to be preserved in print.

I encourage you to get your photos printed, whether that is in an album, to display on your walls or mantle piece, or just loose photos, please don’t let your photos get lost or become distant memories that never leave the computer or phone.

the power of print in an album
The Power of Print - Simple album
The Simple book – An elegant hand-bound cotton covered album finished with a brown button sewn on the cover with an elastic thread that wraps around the album. Perfect for family and engagement shoots with the 10 thick pages and small price tag at just £125 including personalised design.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post on the power of print.

For my albums and print products I use the awesome Dreambooks Pro as my supplier. They are based in Portugal and offer the most beautiful, high quality hand-bound albums with excellent customer serve and only serve professional photographers.

You can check out my newest album offering, the beautiful wooden album here.