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Sam and Roxanne’s engagement photos / pre-wedding shoot at Old Portsmouth

Engagement photos at Old Portsmouth

On Tuesday 6th May, 4 days before their wedding day, I met Sam and Roxanne for their engagement photos / pre-wedding shoot. It was all a bit last minute as unfortunately the 2 earlier dates we picked they were ill and the weather was also bad so it ended up being very close to their wedding date but we managed to squeeze it in! Roxanne was unsure of where to have the pre-wedding photos taken but then suggested Old Portsmouth, which I had never been to or explored but it turned out to be a fab location for their engagement photos and I think Roxanne picked it very well.

The photos were taken at dusk to give a nice golden look on the first few and more of a dramatic feel to the shots later on when it got darker. I had lots of fun taking these engagement photos, even though it was cold and extremely windy and poor Roxanne’s hair was getting blown about all over the place!

Great location though with some interesting brick work and archways to make for some creative images and fab that it’s right on the sea front for a contrasting look to all the old brickwork.