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Q&A with wedding host & DJ Dean John

I have had the pleasure of working with DJ Dean John at numerous weddings and I’ve noticed that he’s always gone above and beyond for his couples and is just generally super helpful on the day. Unlike your average old school Master Of Ceremonies, he’s a fantastic wedding host, ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible whilst also keeping guests entertained. Not only is he amazing at his job but he is also a genuinely nice, down to earth guy so I wanted to feature DJ Dean John on the blog with a little Q&A session plus you can see him in action getting the guests involved in between food courses at a recent wedding we worked on together.

What inspired you to work in the wedding industry?

The main thing that inspired me to work in the wedding industry was to give the wedding couple and guests an entertainment experience from start to finish. I have been to lots of wedding’s and found myself twiddling my thumbs during dinner so that’s where the “All Day” hosted service came from. I then wanted to continue the vibe in the evening so wanted to play a good mixture of music to keep people dancing.

How long have you been working as a DJ / Wedding Host / MC?

I have been working in the industry as a DJ since 2002 but started hosting and DJ’ing at wedding’s in 2014. 
I am now lucky enough to be recommended at some wonderful places like Clock Barn, Marwell Hotel, Syrencot, Norton Park, Explosion Museum, Macdonald Elmers Court, Rhinefield House and South Lawn Hotel in the New Forest.  

Host and wedding DJ Dean John

What do you love about weddings?

I am lucky enough to DJ at some beautiful venues so that combined with an amazing couple and lovely guests gives me a huge adrenaline rush at each event. 
The other factor I love is knowing that I am making memories for that couple on their special day. 

What sets you apart as a DJ / host?

Tough question! I always put the couple first no matter what happens to ensure they have a truly magical day. 
I also try and be real! I have been asked so many times to set up an DJ agency however for me it’s about the personal touch so knowing that a wedding couple have the same person who they have met, trusted and like makes a difference on the day for sure. 

Host and wedding DJ Dean John

What are your favourite wedding songs to play and why?

I absolutely love playing RnB and Garage tracks. Lots of people have a stereotype for Wedding DJ’s and yes, you will play the classic track’s but for me it’s about what the crowd want and not what my image should be like!

How do you encourage a shy crowd to get up and dance?

I think being around all day really helps with shy couples and guests. You build a rapport throughout the day so by the time the evening starts, you know what people are into and you can use that to your advantage.
If I am booked for just the evening then it’s all about the pre wedding meeting with the couple to really get to know them and their guests so you don’t go in “cold” for the evening reception party. 

Host and wedding DJ Dean John

How far do you travel for weddings and events?

I am lucky enough to have travelled around the UK and Europe hosting wedding events so I have no limit when it comes to travelling. The only thing I would say is that there would be an expectation for an overnight stay and travel costs to be added to the booking. 

What is your best tip for couples on their wedding day?

Being in the entertainment industry, I would say my best tip would be not to try and save money when it comes to entertaining your guests as this is one of the main things people will remember from your wedding.
Couples don’t bat an eyelid when they have to pay for single chairs per head or some light up letters however when a DJ is a similar price, lots of couples say it’s expensive. All I would say is check out websites, reviews and venue recommendations for all supplier services on your special day.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Q&A with wedding host & DJ Dean John and if you’d like to book Dean John for your wedding you can get in touch with him here. or send an email to –

Host and wedding DJ Dean John

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