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Matt and Christina’s pre wedding shoot at The Jack and Jill Windmill

pre wedding shoot at The Jack and Jill Windmill

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing Matt and Christina for their  pre wedding shoot at The Jack and Jill Windmill which is a beautiful place in Clayton, near Brighton. Matt and Christina chose this perfect location for the pre wedding photos because it was local to them and it came up trumps after Christina had spent lots of time researching local areas that would be a great location for portrait photos.

The windmill is surrounded by beautiful hills and the scenery looking down is pretty amazing. Unfortunately there is no access to the public into the windmill but that was fine with me as I wanted to make use of the beautiful sunset outside.

The pre wedding shoot was arranged rather last minute as it was only a week before Matt and Christina’s wedding, but we managed to squeeze it in after they had finished work on a Friday evening. I drove up in what was unfortunately rush hour so I was stuck in traffic for 2 and a half hours but it was well worth it for the incredible last 30mins of sunlight which we were blessed with.

I wish that this hilly location was closer as I’m sure a lot of my lovely clients that live around Hampshire and Dorset would love to have a pre wedding shoot at the Jack and Jill Windmill.

Enjoy the photos!