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Mini wedding film

Dave & Ella mini wedding film

Here goes my first blog post of 2017! I have so much to share and I really need to get all my content out to show you all so whilst I’m in the quieter Winter period, I’m going to gradually trickle out some things that I have been working on and weddings that I photographed in the last couple of years as I’m fully aware that I’ve been slack at blogging! Shooting 45 weddings in2016 alone, just meant that I didn’t have a lot of spare time though and most of that precious down time was spent with my gorgeous fiance, (who I get to marry in Italy this year by the way!) and my family or friends.

Anyway, I’ve been super interested in film and I love the idea of adding film to my skillset to eventually incorporate into my portfolio and have the ability to not only photograph weddings but to film them too!  I love mini wedding films – a short 2-3min film from the wedding day or a ‘trailer’ if you like, I’m always watching these on Vimeo or Youtube by videographers and cinematographers work that I admire and last year I just thought, “Why not give it a go”!?…So I did.

At Dave & Ella’s wedding at The De Vere New Place in August, I filmed a few mini clips during the reception, in-between taking photos and put together this mini wedding film.

Obviously, it is my first go at filming, so I had just my standard photography equipment, my Canon 5D Mark III and a selection of L lenses, but no tripod or stabilising equipment so the footage was all shot handheld and because of this is a little jerky in places. Another thing I have never done before is edit video properly but I managed to edit my way through this and pick out the best clips etc using Final Cut Pro X (Luckily I have experience in this as I learned to use the software when I worked at Apple previously)

Check out the mini wedding film that I produced for Dave & Ella below and I’d love to know your thoughts!

Mini wedding film

I’m looking to incorporate mini wedding films as an add on to my packages within the next year for an additional cost and eventually when I’ve got lots of experience, to do all day wedding films. This would of course be impossible if I’m already photographing a wedding but will be a separate thing to my photography, an addition to broaden my work as I love film as well as photography.

Below is a selection of photos that I took showing the story of Dave & Ella’s beautiful wedding day at New Place.