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‘Love is…’ Love poem

Love poem

On our American road trip on the way from Santa Barbara to L.A whilst Jak, my boyfriend was driving, I sat and wrote a poem about love. I was bored just sat in the hot car so decided to keep myself occupied and since we had just got engaged, it seemed quite fitting.
The poem is inspired by our own relationship and what I feel the word ‘love’ means to me. The words came easily to me as we have been together for 7 and a half years and been through a lot so it is about our journey together and what feelings every other couple will probably go through.
Here is my love poem, entitled ‘LOVE IS’…Enjoy!


Love is patient,
Love is kind,
Love is the best thing you’ll ever find,
Love is exciting,
Love is red,
Love is that scrummy snuggle in bed,
Love is warm
Love is embrace,
A cute cuddle or a kiss on the face,
Love is sweet,
Love is caring,
Love is not always wanting to but sharing,
Love is that happy place we all want to be,
It’s that person you always want to see,
Love is that rush,
That fast beating heart,
That feeling of never being apart,
Love is beautiful inside and out,
Love is swings and roundabouts,
Love can be fun, 
Love is the best,
Love can really put you to the test,
Love is wanting to build a home,
Cement and bricks, taking out a loan,
Saving up and buying a house,
Living with your wonderful spouse,
You’ll go through good times & through bad,
Love can make you really mad,
Love can be hard & at times feel tough,
Sometimes you’ll feel like you’ve had enough,
As long as you care,
You’ll make it through,
It may not always feel like it but they love you too,
So remember before you leave for work to say
Those 3 words ‘I LOVE YOU’ each day
hand drawn Love heart
Love heart hand drawn by myself on my iPad Air
Jak and I at pebble beach, California
Jak and I at pebble beach, California

Love poem written by Lucy Crawley