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Jamie & Amy’s Locks Heath Engagement shoot

Locks Heath Engagement shoot

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Jamie & Amy for their Locks Heath Engagement shoot in the park.

We chose to have the engagement session in the last hour before sunset as the light at that time of day is the most beautiful, soft and golden.

When I first met Jamie & Amy at our initial consultation, we ended up discovering that Jamie’s parents coincidently live in my road, only one house away from me, what are the chances of that!? So we decided on Locks Heath park as the engagement shoot location as it has a variety of nice backdrops with the wooded area, making it look like a forest and then there’s the open field part too, plus it’s only a 5 minute walk away and meant that they could tie it in with a visit to his parents and wangle dinner out of it. There’s also pretty flowers like daffodils etc in the spring but as this was the end of Winter, the flowers weren’t quite in bloom. It didn’t matter though, as we still had a great time on their shoot and had that lovely golden sunlight seeping through the trees.

Jamie & Amy said that after having the engagement shoot, they now feel a lot more comfortable in front of the camera and know what to expect for the big day, which is great! Can’t wait to photograph their wedding at East Horton Golf Club in July! 🙂

The above image makes me laugh as my 6 year old niece decided to run into their photo as I was taking it, which she thought was hilarious and luckily, so did Jamie & Amy! When I showed them the photo, they said to keep it in for comedy value as it made them chuckle…Glad they saw the funny side!

The joys of having your niece and nephew around the park whilst doing shoot! 😛

Jamie & Amy's Locks Heath Engagement shootJamie & Amy's Locks Heath Engagement shootJamie & Amy's Locks Heath Engagement shoot

Jamie & Amy’s Locks Heath Engagement shoot

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