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Exciting News!

Exciting News – The Big Reveal!

So my husband and I have some very exciting news!…Some of you may already know, but we are expecting a baby!!! 🙂 We found out early April and then had the first scan on 5th June. It was such a surreal experience seeing the baby appear on the screen after my belly was rubbed with jelly and then the sonographer put the ultrasound machine on top; it almost didn’t feel real until that point! I’ve been super lucky and managed to get through the first trimester with absolutely no sickness or nausea, I barely had any symptoms to be honest, it was weird. Whereas my poor sister (who is 4 months ahead of me in pregnancy) has had terrible sickness, so I feel a bit bad, that I’ve felt so well and healthy.

Here’s some photos that we took for the big reveal on Facebook, of course we had to get the pets Cobey the dog & Jasper the cat involved for the photo! 🙂

Exciting News!

So now that you all know that I’m pregnant…onto even bigger news, the gender reveal!

I had my 20 week scan earlier today and luckily both myself and husband were both really keen to find out the sex of the baby…


Exciting News!

If I’m honest, I was a little shocked as I had convinced myself that it was a boy and we’d settled on a name and everything, but of course I’m over the moon still that it’s a girl and more importantly, everything seems to be progressing well and she’s healthy!

I informed all of my lovely couples of my news a few weeks back, once we’d had the first scan and made sure that everything was ok, and everyone has been super lovely and happy for us, which I really appreciate. The best thing is, we have managed to time it so well that the baby is due on 10th December, during the off season for weddings so I haven’t had to let a single couple down out of the 36 weddings I’m photographing this year! YAY!!! I even get to have a little break once the baby arrives as I have not booked any weddings for January of February so will be able to spend some lovely mother-daughter time bonding with my new bundle of joy 🙂

We have opted for Queen Alexandra Hospital for the birth as it’s easier/quicker to get to than Southampton and the staff there have been great! Hopefully, if everything goes to plan, I will have the baby in a birthing pool 🙂

So anyway, that was my exciting news, thanks for reading!

This lovely couple who’s wedding I photographed last July are also expecting, due end of August I believe, I was so happy for them when they told me earlier in the year whilst they were helping me out for my business promo video