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Lucylou Photo Booths - Hampshire Photo Booth

The Wedding Photo Booth is a fantastic addition to your special day.

Entertain your guests at your reception and have endless fun with the comical wedding photo booth! The informal nature of the photo booth provides great entertainment and is especially good for capturing hilarious photos of the evening guests, very drunk guests and the nutters at the wedding.

Lucylou Photo Booth Backgrounds

The Wedding Photo Booth is an all inclusive package comprising:

  • Free delivery, setup and operation
  • Vintage style wooden box with touch screen
  • Unlimited photos taken
  • 4 different backgrounds to choose from, including wood effect, flower wall, coloured spots or zigzag design
  • Prop box packed full of moustaches, hats, glasses, wigs and funny signs.
  • Photo Booth Host to facilitate and interact with your guests to make sure they get the most out of their photos
  • All photos uploaded to Facebook for free downloads and tagging by your guests
  • Online gallery of all the images
  • Hourly charge (£100 per hour as an add on to a wedding package with a minimum of 2 hours)


* Please note that the photo booth does not offer an onsite printing facility, which is why I am able to offer this service at such a low cost in comparison to similar photo booth companies. If you'd like a professional photo album with all of the photos from the photo booth on lay-flat pages, this can be added on to your package for £100 and will be delivered within 8 weeks of your event *

It makes for a fantastic talking point at any wedding, allowing your friends and family to have lots of fun whilst wearing silly props and cracking some crazy poses and also makes for an interesting and alternative guest book.

The Wedding Photo Booth is completely open plan meaning that larger group shots of your wedding guests are possible and everyone can watch and enjoy the fun.

Hire the Wedding Photo Booth at venues across Hampshire and Dorset

Covid-19 and your wedding

Okay, so we can’t ignore what is happening, and I know the Coronavirus will have been a worried topic in living rooms across the country (& beyond) right now. So let’s talk options

Firstly, it’s important to say that I intend on attending every wedding I have booked in my diary, nothing about my coverage will change, I won’t wear a hazmat suit and I am still as excited about your wedding as you are and I cannot wait to photograph it.  There is no real evidence to suggest your weddings are under threat right now, but making Plan B is always a good thing, right? I’m currently fit and well and doing my utmost to stay that way, following the guidelines and due to the nature of how I run my business I spend the most part of my life in isolation already…working from my home office.

If I get the dreaded Covid lurgi, I will do the responsible thing and fully isolate myself. I will of course not rock up at your day to infect your guests – I know you won’t want this either.  I take that responsibility very seriously, as I do my duty of care to you as my couple to provide you with excellent images.  I will treat this just like any other illness scenario as outlined in your contract – I will find someone great to cover for me. I am very fortunate to have the most incredible network of super talented photographer friends and peers and we have always had each others back in a crisis. More so now than ever we are holding each other up through the uncertainty of what will or won’t happen, we are a strong community who will pick up our tools and hurry to help one another out should the need arise. One of said heroes will attend your wedding and shoot on my behalf then hand me the images to edit and continue the relationship with you or you can choose to find alternative cover yourself. There will of course be no extra costs to you – I will pay the replacement photographer their daily rate to work on my behalf.

One thing I will say is that I suffer from hay fever and asthma (I have done since I was a baby), it doesn’t affect me badly but it does mean that I sometimes cough. I obviously don’t want to panic you or your guests if I happen to cough at any point during your wedding so thought it was worth mentioning.

So what are my options?…

At the moment the government are not recommending limiting social gatherings – yay!  They may well never recommend this! But just in case they do follow other leads and ask us not to gather in groups of more than 100, here are some ideas.

 If your wedding is under 100 people, yay, no drama. But if it’s 100+, as many are, here are your options.

Option 1 – Go ahead as planned

If your wedding is small, local or you don’t have many guests with great distances to travel, there is no reason not to go ahead. Sure, you might need to make a few adjustments but this is YOUR big day and there is no reason at all why it can’t still be perfect!

Add in some extra soap in the bathrooms, explain to your guests that you’d rather not shake hands and kiss too many people.

Then say “I do”, have some ace photos taken and eat, drink & be merry!

Option 2- Scale down

Okay, so say you have 130 guests, you basically need somehow find a way of asking 30-40 people not to to attend. You could contact those who aren’t the closest to you and say that you are making the day more intimate as a result of the crisis, and would love to celebrate with them another time. Alternatively, put your cards on the table & ask people. It could be that many of your guests are wary of coming anyway, because of their or another family members age or ill health. Some may be worried about flying in. It’s entirely possible you could meet your target number with very few problems, and no one’s feelings hurt. You still get to have the brilliant day you’ve worked so hard on.

Option 3 – Postpone

In exceptional circumstances, postponement might be a decision you make. Your first port of call is your wedding insurance – chat to them about how your coverage is affected if you move or postpone the day.

Chat to your venue and other suppliers

This is not within my contract, however as a good will gesture due to the current situation and it being out of anyones control, if you choose to postpone your wedding, I am willing to transfer your booking fee over to a new date within 12 months as long as I am available, with no change in my service to you. The balance payment would just be due 30 days before the new date to relieve any financial pressure on you at this time. All this needs to be thought about before a decision is made.

Chat to your nearest & dearest and sound them out

They may also be relieved at the idea of moving it, but may also have some wise thoughts about what to do.

Get a new plan in place

After finding the dates your suppliers/venue are free on, make a plan of how to confirm, communicate, and deal with your postponement.
If you need my free dates, I will be more than happy to supply you with my availability for what days I am free in the autumn, and into next Spring.

A final note

Overall lovelies, don’t panic! The vast majority of you will have no problems at all, and it will be businesses as usual. This is for unusual circumstances, and these are unusual, but in the grand history of humanity, nothing stopped people getting married & having a damn fine time doing it. Your wedding is not any different. You will get married, you will have the time of your lives.

Try not too get swept away with the constant updates from the media, it can be a very dark place at the best of times. Switch off a bit, unfollow news pages and just check in once a day or every other day. Please do keep in contact and let me help any way I can.