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Bright Pig Business Of The Week WINNER

Bright Pig Business Of The Week WINNER

I am very proud to announce that I am this weeks Bright Pig Business Of The Week winner and have been presented with this badge to show off to all my lovely clients and followers. Loving being in business and since starting up I have come so far. It’s a constant learning curve but I’m enjoying the journey and everyone has to learn to improve.

I’m enjoying pushing my creative boundaries and becoming better at my job with every wedding I shoot. I’m super excited that I am booked in for the amazing Ed Peers -Every Wedding Is An Adventure photography workshop in December and hoping to gain new skills and ideas from my idol. His work is astonishing and I hope that one day I’ll be on his level. check his incredible work out here – He’s a very lucky guy getting to shoot all over the world in such beautiful places and produce such stunning shots…This is my absolute dream to be travelling to shoot weddings all over the world!

I’ve also purchased lots of training videos from my other favourite photographers around the world and I’m super excited to watch these and gain a wealth of knowledge to constantly improve and be where I want to be with my photography skills. Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly proud of how far I’ve come and of course love my photos but I always strive for more.

I’m definitely going to proudly display my Bright Pig Business Of The Week winner certificate on the wall of my office and can’t wait to receive it. Click on the image to check out Bright Pig’s website – Great if you’re in need of SEO for your website and to see previous winners of Bright Pigs Business Of The Week. They have 72K followers on twitter so are a pretty big deal and I’m so happy that I’ve won this award!

Thank you BrightPig

Bright Pig Business Of The Week

Bright Pig Business Of The Week


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