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Bridal Details

Bridal Details

I love capturing details and photographing the Bridal Details in the morning is one of my favourite things!

On the morning of your wedding day, it is super helpful if you can have all of your little details and items that you’d like photographed all in on place so that, first all you know where everything is and you’re not in a mad panic trying to find something just before you need to leave and secondly it makes it much easier fir your photographer having all of these items together so that they can all be photographed easily and nothing gets missed.

Bridal Details

Things to think about and have at the ready would be:

  • The dress
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Flower girl dresses
  • Shoes
  • Gifts
  • Rings
  • Garter
  • Invites, details & RSVPs
  • Perfume
  • Flowers & button holes
  • Hair pieces
  • Jewellery – Earrings, bracelet, necklace etc
  • Special / sentimental items
  • Personalised items
  • Champagne

Tips & things to think about

The Room

A clean, tidy space is always more appealing for the photos. Think about what you’d like in the background of your photos and try to hide away any clutter. Also, the larger the space the better, especially if you plan on having a lot of people getting ready with you, as the room can feel quite crowded and be difficult to take photos in these situations.

The Light

This bit it super important! If possible, avoid getting your hair and make up done under a spotlight and find a spot near a window with plenty of natural light.

The Hanger

For those lovely wedding dress photos, it’s best to avoid plastic hangers as this takes away from how beautiful the dress is. I suggest purchasing a set of pretty / personalised hangers so that yours and your bridesmaids dresses all look as beautiful as they should when hung up. You could always hint that you’d like a personalised hanger as an early wedding gift or do a bit of DIY and personalise one yourself. Here is a couple of links to some beautiful personalised hangers on Etsy – Laura Ella Crafts & Howard Laser Designs

The Dress

Think about who you would like helping you into your dress and who you’d like to surprise, seeing you in it with all the finishing touches for the first time. It is always lovely to capture people’s reactions when seeing you in your dress for the first time. Make sure that the person / people who are getting you into your dress know what they are doing before hand as, dresses can take a while to do up, particularly if they are lace-up or have lots of buttons. A crochet needle is always a helpful aid for doing up buttons. It’s also a good idea for the person / people helping you into your dress to all be ready in their outfit before hand as it makes for prettier photos.

The Shoes

Although it is lovely to have a beautiful pair of heals on your wedding day, trust me, your feet will be in agony by the end of the day, so be sure to buy a pair of back up shoes that are flat so that you can party the night away on the dance floor and not have to worry about your feet hurting. It’s also a great idea to have back up shoes if you will need to walk across grass at any point on your wedding day (highly likely for photos) and you’re worried about getting your lovely heels muddy.  Even if it’s not rained the day before, are you going to let the mud stop you from getting that gorgeous photo that you were hoping for in the field? Wellies are optional but can make for some quirky photos if it has been raining and no harm in having a pair in the boot of someone’s car as an aid to walking in the mud /puddles if it’s been raining.

The Ring

Make sure you have your engagement ring cleaned before the big day! You want it to sparkle against your new wedding ring and look pretty for the photos, not dull and murky. Also, remember to switch the engagement ring onto your other hand for the ceremony as it goes above your wedding ring and you don’t want to be in a kerfuffle when it comes to the exchange of rings. If you do not want to pay to have your rings cleaned, you can easily do it yourself with a bowl of warm water, a bit of washing up liquid and a baby toothbrush to give it a light scrub. It will look lovely and sparkly again in no time!

Bridal DetailsBridal DetailsBridal Details

If you’d like pretty bridal details photos captured like these, please follow the tips above and allow time for these lovely photos to be captured. Creating beautiful shots and being creative takes time.

More wedding tips will be coming to the blog soon

Wedding day bridal details