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Ben and Rachel’s wedding sneak peek

Ben and Rachel’s wedding Sneak peek

On Saturday 6th May I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Ben and Rachel’s wedding at St Matthew’s Church, Otterbourne and their reception which was held at The Potters Heron Hotel in Ampfield, Romsey. Such a sweet, young couple, I loved capturing their relaxed special day! It just so happens that we did pretty much all the couple photos on the side of the road just down from the church as there was a beautiful oak tree with bluebells in full bloom underneath. Although you might think the side of the road is the most random location for photos, Ben and Rachel actually scouted it out themselves and it made for the perfect sport with all the greenery and pretty bluebells; there was even a bench too! I don’t know many sides of the road that make a great backdrop for photos but this was a little gem and a great find on the bride and groom’s behalf.

Onto the reception at The Potters Heron, and Rachel and Ben had a very relaxed time, chatting and mingling with their guests. They did have speeches but opted out of having a first dance as they preferred the informal nature of just having a lovely gathering of friends and family and just being able to go round and chat to everyone.

After the speeches, the some of the guests including the groom’s sister and best man, decorated Ben & Rachel’s car with toilet roll which made for some funny photos and you can see the enjoyment as well as satisfaction that they had from doing this in the fun photos. After the excitement of decorating the bride and groom’s car (and maybe a few alcoholic beverages), the bridesmaids and groomsmen went out into the hotel’s gardens and started posing in some ‘interesting’ ways, which made for some really funny photos. They actually instigated all of it and I was just there to capture it, it was brilliant! I love a fun bridal party, thanks for being awesome guys & girls!

Here is a sneak peek of Ben & Rachel’s wedding day, enjoy! 🙂

Ben and Rachel's weddingBen and Rachel's wedding at the Potters Heron hotelBen and Rachel's wedding at The Potters Heron Hotel

Ben and Rachel’s wedding at The Potters Heron Hotel

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