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5 reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

5 reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer – Why hiring a professional makes all the difference when it comes to your precious wedding photos.

5 reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

Great Photos & peace of mind

Being a photographer is not just about having an expensive camera, there’s so much more that goes into being a professional than just a ‘decent camera’. Most professionals will have gone on multiple courses and learnt their equipment inside out, whereas amateurs may not even know how to use their camera outside of Auto mode. With a professional wedding photographer, you’ll have the peace of mind that they know what they’re doing and you can trust in their artistry, lighting and composition skills. Their knowledge and experience in the wedding field will mean that they produce not just a couple of ‘killer shots’ but a whole album’s worth of stunning photos that tell the story of your day.

5 reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

Extra work for you

Unlike amateurs and family friends, professional wedding photographers will know the flow of a wedding day and can anticipate what will happen next. They will have already prepared a timeline with you and a list of any group photos that you may want and have a plan for it all. They’ll know what shots to take and where they need to be and when. Professionals usually scout out the venue on arrival if they haven’t already photographed there and will find great locations for your photos, saving time looking for great backdrops later on. As the wedding couple, you don’t want to have to spend time worrying about where your photographer is at key moments and them not having any kind of plan of action for the day.

5 reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

Feeling at ease

Let’s face it, not many people feel completely comfortable in front of the camera, but professional photographers have a knack for making their couples feel at ease and actually enjoy the experience of having their photos taken. This skill comes from years of experience in guiding into natural poses and interacting with couples to help them not to look stiff or awkward in their photos.

What if scenarios

A professional photographer will have back up plan in the unlikely event that they fall ill on the day of the wedding, they’ll be able to call upon other great professionals to cover them. They’ll also shoot the photos to two memory cards simultaneously, so that if one memory card failed they’d have a back up. They’ll then create additional back ups to ensure that your previous photos don’t get lost. Professionals will also have a plan for if the weather is not on side on the day and still be able to produce beautiful photos. Lastly, a professional photographer will have business insurance. It’s highly unlikely that your friend or Uncle Bob will have even thought about any of these things.

You only get once chance

Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life and hopefully only happens once. This means you only get one chance at having photos captured and they can’t be redone once the day is over, so if you’re not happy with Uncle Bob’s photos (spoiler alert – you won’t be!) they’re all you’ll be left with unfortunately.

I’ve heard it countless times that people are disappointed when they don’t hire a professional wedding photographer and just get their friend or family member to take photos. Sadly, it’s an inevitable disaster. To read from a bride’s point of view about her disappointment of not hiring a professional photographer for her wedding, check out this blog post on the Your Perfect Wedding Photographer website

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my post about 5 reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer and found it informative.

5 reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

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