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5 reasons to book a videographer for your wedding

5 reasons to book a videographer for your wedding

A lot of  people don’t see how much value there is in having their wedding filmed and therefore do not create a budget for it within their wedding fund, but I want to give you 5 reasons to book a videographer for your wedding for your wedding. First I want to talk about my personal experience.

As a lot of you who read my blog or follow me on social media will know, I got married in lake Garda in June and of course, being in the industry myself, choosing a photographer who’s work I really connect with and love was super important to me. I knew that I also wanted to have my wedding filmed though, after watching my sister’s beautiful wedding video back in 2015 and reliving the day with her, I knew that having a videographer capture my wedding was non negotiable. I wanted to book a videographer with a beautiful, fine art cinematic style to their work and knowing that this was going to come at a price, I set out to find the perfect wedding videographer to capture my special day. I’d already researched a fair bit before we went to Italy and met our wedding planner, but she introduced me to Leo from Verona Sposi who I had actually already come across during my search. Upon entering his studio, being greeted with a warm smile and seeing all the vintage film cameras plus the beautiful style of his work, I instantly knew he was the right man for the job and booked Leo and his colleague to capture our wedding story. Well we received our wedding highlights & full length film yesterday and we are in love! (Me in particular!) It really made happy memories of the best day of my life come flooding back and brought tears to my eyes! Leo and his associate did such great job, and it didn’t even feel like they were there for most of the day, staying unobtrusive and just capturing moments as they unfolded. The result is a truly beautiful wedding video, telling the story of our day naturally.

Here is my wedding highlights film from the amazing Verona Sposi

So to summarise, here are my 5 reasons to book a videographer for your wedding

  1. If you book the right videographer they will integrate into your day and you’ll barely know they’re there.
  2. Videographers and photographers often work well together and can bounce ideas off each other.
  3. You’ll have tangible memories of your special day that you can show through generations of the family.
  4. It will bring back many emotions that you felt on the day itself when you watch it back, it’s like reliving your day.
  5. Just like the photographer, they’ll capture natural clips of you and your guests throughout the day and you’ll see things that you didn’t even know happened, plus it will help you to remember all the little things that you may have forgotten about. You also get to watch the speeches back, which is always emotional.

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