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12 things that you can do on what would have been your wedding day

If you were due to get married within the next few months and have had to postpone your wedding, I’m so sorry that this has happened to you after all of that hard work, time, money and excitement put into planning your special day. I honestly feel heartbroken for all couples in this position, which is why I would try and bring some joy back to everyone who’s wedding is coming up but obviously not going to take place with some ideas I’ve put together on 12 things that you can do on what would have been your wedding day.

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Here is my list of 12 things that you can do on what would have been your wedding day, I hope you enjoy the read and it inspires you to try something new as a couple.

1. Have an unplugged day – no social media or tv

Ban the TV and phones and spend the day being present with one another having an actual conversation.

2. Read out your vows to each other 

Reciting your vows to each other is a great way to practice for the big day as this seems to be the thing that couples are most nervous about in case they slip up in front of their friends and family. If you haven’t already written your own vows, now is the perfect time to do so and what better way to express how much your partner means to you. I actually wrote rhyming a poem about mine and my husband’s relationship, which I read out on our wedding day. It had some funny lines in and was very well received.

3. Go on a stroll together 

Enjoy a quiet moment together, strolling hand in hand to your local park for a couple of laps. Not only will it be nice to get out of the house for some fresh air as it can be a bit suffocating being stuck inside for so long, it’ll also be a great way to unwind and chat whilst getting exercise.

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4. Have a home spa day

Have a super relaxing pamper day where you burn essential oils to help you de-stress, smear on a face mask, treat each other to a massage and then end with bath together.

5. Have a picnic in the garden

Ok, so this one is slightly dependant and I’m aware that not everyone has the luxury of having their own garden, but having a picnic is a sweet idea to get you both chatting over some yummy cold bites. If it’s raining or you don’t have a garden, cosy up on a blanket in another room in your home with a spread of sandwiches and snacks.

6. Cook a romantic meal together

If one of you is better at cooking than the other what better way to bond, over showing your partner some tips in the kitchen and cooking up a romantic meal to enjoy together. Get out the cook books and try something new. I can highly recommend Jamie Oliver’s 5 ingredients as all of these recipes are delicious but easy to make and best of all don’t require any more than 5 ingredients!


7. Pop the champagne 

What better occasion to get out that special bottle of champagne that you’ve been saving, so pop the cork and enjoy the bubbles! Or you could make up your own cocktails to enjoy and have a cheeky tipple together.

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8. Bake a cake together

As you would have had a delicious wedding cake to enjoy, why not bake and decorate your own cake and then cut it together. You could get really creative and have your own bake off! If you have children, you can get them to be the judge of who’s cake is better. No one is more honest than children!

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9. Put on your favourite song and have dance

If you both have a favourite song, whether that’s an 80’s power ballad, 90’s classic or a current chart topper, crank up the sound and sing and dance along! Throw some shapes and have fun! If your musical taste differs from your partner then you can each play your favourite songs and embrace each others music. If you have picked out a song for your first dance, then practice how you will dance together for the real deal, you don’t want to be stepping on each others toes if one or both of you has two left feet! If you haven’t already chosen your first dance song then now is the perfect time to do so.

10. Have a movie night

Get cosy under a blanket and watch a movie or two together, it could be an old classic that you have in the cupboard or a new one that you haven’t seen on Sky or Netflix. Make sure you have lots of popcorn and sweet treats to nibble on to see you through the movie marathon.

11. Have a games night

Time to get out the board games or pack or cards and have some competitive fun with your partner! You could play Charades, Pictionary, Naughts & Crosses, Truth or dare, Never have I ever, The Mr & Mrs game, Jenga or any 2 player card games or board games…The list is endless and games are a great way have a laugh together whilst also building on your relationship. You could even play a trust game or one where you have to work together to practice at bettering your teamwork.

12. Have a snuggle

At the end of the day who doesn’t love a snuggle!? Get close and have a cuddle on the sofa or under the covers in bed. It’s been a tough time for you both having your original wedding plans torn apart, so just show each other some love and tell your partner what your favourite thing about them is.

Thank you for reading my post on 12 things that you can do on what would have been your wedding day – I hope you found it helpful and doing one or two of my suggestions on the list will lift your spirits and bring joy to what would have been your wedding day.

Lastly, I hope that everyone stays safe and healthy during lockdown and I hope that whenever your wedding day ends up getting rescheduled for, that it is even more special and the best day that you could have possibly imagined! 🙂

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12 things that you can do on what would have been your wedding day