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10 unique wedding ideas

10 unique wedding ideas

When planning your dream wedding, you want to make sure that it’s not only the best day of your lives but it’s unique to you, whether that’s with a particular style of decor or by hiring in some awesome entertainment. Here are 10 unique wedding ideas to ensure your special day is one to remember!

10 unique wedding ideas - magician

Andrew Kelly – Magician

1. Magician

I did this for my own wedding and it went down so well with all my guests, everyone was genuinely amazed by Andrew Kelly, who I met whilst photographing one of my lovely couple’s weddings last year and thought he was incredible! Everyone is still talking about how amazing the magician was at our wedding, even 5 months on and I can honestly say that hiring Andy for our wedding was one of the best investments we made! Sean Boon & Chris Piercy are also awesome magicians who I’ve worked with before, so go check them out too!

2. Photo Booth

A photo booth always goes down well with guests, especially during the evening reception, once everyone has had a few drinks. Who doesn’t love a photo wearing ridiculous props!? Having a photo booth is sure to give your guests some giggles and some funny photos for you to look back on. I actually offer a photo booth myself – check out the details here

3.  Bring your pet

Now not all venues are pet friendly, but if your venue is and you want your pet to be part of your big day too, why not bring along your furry friend and pop the in a bow tie to dress them up and make them feel special too. You could have your dog as the ring bearer with the rings tied around his/her neck and have your best man walk him/her up the aisle on a lead so he/she doesn’t go awol.

4. Garden Games

If you’re having a garden style wedding or just want something fun for your guests to do during your reception, why not buy giant versions of games like Jenga, Connect 4, Naughts & Crosses, Chess etc or you could have badminton, table tennis, boules, croquet, Twister, sack races, egg & spoon races, space hopper races, coconut shy, Treasure hunt, skittles, limbo, hula hooping, apple bobbing, swing ball, break the piñata, beat the buzzer, welly wanting etc, the list goes on. You can make it as unique as you like!

5. Popcorn / candy floss / Sweet Table / Chocolate Fountain / Ice cream stand

Who doesn’t love sweet treats? These kind of things always goes down well as an extra thing for your guests to nibble on during the reception, especially for the kids or anyone that has a sweet tooth (ladies) 😉 I had a sweet table at my wedding and everyone was all over it!

6. Doughnut Tower

This is a a fun alternative to a wedding cake. It’s more cost effective, looks quirky and everyone can have one. Krispy Kreme do donut tower wedding cakes with all your favourite donuts on, which I did for my UK wedding party, although I purchased their double dozen packs and purchased my own plastic tower off eBay to save a bit as Krispy Kreme charge premium rates for  their own towers

7. Bake Off

This is another great idea as a fun alternative to a wedding cake, why not have LOTS of wedding cakes made for you by all your guests as a competition and the bride & groom get to decide who is the winner! Not only is this fun and involves your wedding guests / gets them all baking but it also saves you on the cost of a wedding cake and eliminates that part of the planning process…Win!

8. Sparklers

Sparklers are always fun and can involve the children too. They can make for some pretty night time photos (Disclaimer – Sparklers are not the easiest thing to photograph as it’s pitch black when they’re lit and the cameras struggle to focus in the dark)

9. Fireworks

Fireworks can be a lovely surprise and a great way to end the night. Pretty & colourful skies that will make your guests say “ooooh” and “aaaah” as they watch them in awe.

10. Tattoo Station

I saw this for the first time at a wedding I photographed in the summer and it went down really well with all the guests, especially the drunker they got! By the end of the night, everyone was covered in temporary tattoos. Check out Doris Loves Temporay Tattoo station if you’re interested in this quirky idea.

Ok so I’m already at 10 unique wedding ideas but I’ve definitely got a few more then 10 unique wedding ideas that will entertain your guests!

Here’s some other things that you can have to make your day even more awesome! 


11. Singing / Dancing waiters

12. Birds of Prey

13. Mr & Mrs Quiz

14. Live music – String Quartet, harpist, Acoustic Guitar, Solo Artist, Jazz band, Rock/pop band

15. Line Dancing / Barn Dance

16. Advice cards / Date ideas

17. Guest book alternative

18. Tribute table to Loved ones who couldn’t be there

19. Dance Off

20. Talent Competition – Guests can showcase their individual & unique talents


Tom (The Groom) in the above photo, used to be a singer and got his old band back together and performed a song for everyone as a surprise


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10 unique wedding ideas – well 20 in my case!